Gogol Bordello 06-16-08 

This show was so energetic, I've never seen anything like it! These guys and girls are incredible performers. They had a sold out show and left everything on the field for sure. There was crowd surfing and so much dancing, EVERYONE was sweating and having a blast. All different kinds of instruments and shananagins made the crowd go wild. If you ever have a chance to see these guys, don't miss em! If anyone has any pics from this show, do send them us. We love pics!!!

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Ingrid Michaelson 06-12-08 

Ingrid Michaelson, What a cutie! She put on such a great show the other night. It was a very intimate setting, she was cracking jokes, and singing like a bird. Of course people were singing along on most of her songs but on a couple, while she was singing and playing her instruments, everyone was completely silent and focused on her. It's great to see an artist that can not only get the crowd to make noise but that can also quiet them. She and her two band mates had us all in the palm of their hands! If anyone has any pix from the show they'd like to share, send them to us so we can post them!

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State Theatre Launches Our New Website! 
State Theatre just launched our new website this week, and we will soon be posting blog updates on our forum. You can now purchase tickets right from our website for most shows (without the ticket master convenience fees!!) Check back here soon for updates and pics!

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