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Family-Friendly Concerts

Capable of providing a fun and engaging musical experience, concerts are gaining popularity among families all over the globe. A team of talented artists and skilled technicians combine to create a memorable experience worth watching multiple times.

Family-friendly concerts are generally designed to entertain kids, but that's not to say that adults won't enjoy it. Keep reading to learn more about the benefits and the entertainment value attached to this genre.

A Magical Atmosphere

Bright, colorful lights, vibrant costumes, and a lively cast create a magical atmosphere that the little ones are sure to enjoy. Even though the language used is simple and easy to understand, the dialogue is rich and educational.

Performed by experienced professionals, the interactions between the cast are expressive and emotional. This makes it hassle-free for the young ones to invest their attention and emotion into the concert.

Although there are numerous choices in the market, Disney musicals and plays remain a renowned option aside from popular kid's cartoon adaptations.

Stand Out Choices

"The Lion King" is a timeless classic that has seen immense success in concert adaptations and justifiably so. The beautiful story and lovable characters make for a truly heartwarming, enjoyable, and indulging experience.

With an enchanting story, striking setting, and melodic songs that have achieved worldwide fame, "Aladdin" is a staple in this genre. Also, "A Whole New World" and "Friend Like Me" are musical pieces that a whole generation has probably sung of kids. This makes these musicals a treat for both the young and nostalgic adults alike.

Our favorite sea sponge SpongeBob SquarePants has been adapted to a Broadway musical. It features the likes of musical titans like Tom Kenny, David Bowie, Steven Tyler, Cyndi Lauper, Panic! At The Disco. John Legend, to name a few, which speaks tons about the exceptional production quality. Chances are, you will fall in love with the soundtrack more than your kids do!

Written by Roald Dahl and adored by many, along with two successful movie adaptations to its name, "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory," has been adapted to a Broadway musical as well. A magical experience is guaranteed for people of all ages owing to the fantastic cast and crew members.

Some honorary mentions include "Wicked," "Annie," "Moana," and "Harry Potter and The Cursed Child."

Although catered towards children, the nostalgic value and the top-notch production quality are sure to brighten the day of seniors' day. Do browse our list to secure tickets to a Family-Friendly show and entertain your loved ones!

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