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NBA Basketball

Founded in 1946 in New York as the Basketball Association of America, the organization altered its title to the National Basketball Association in 1949 after becoming one unit with its competitor, the National Basketball League. 

The NBA is known for its supreme in-game playmakers and talented players, most of whom beat the average height of humans by a few feet. 

An Eventful Past

After the two competing leagues joined to form the National Basketball Association, it became an authority for the sport as well as the most influential league. 

In the beginning, there were seventeen franchises located in big and small cities. By 1954, the NBA consolidated to eight franchises, namely, the Boston Celtics, Fort Wayne Pistons, Minneapolis Lakers, New York Knicks, Philadelphia Warriors, Rochester Royals, Syracuse Nationals, and Tri-Cities Blackhawks. All teams exist to date, although some have relocated to larger cities. There are now 30 teams, 29 in the USA and another in Canada.

The NBA has stood the test of time and continues to flash its badge as the most premium professional basketball league when it comes to popularity and talent. Above all, NBA players come within the bracket of the most well-paid sportspeople in sporting history.

A Season Soaring with Thrilling Sporting Moments

The NBA League starts in the final week of October. As the season kickstarts, every team plays a collective of 82 games - 41 home and 41 away. Since the teams are scattered all over the USA (with one in Canada as well), it's convenient for fans to find a match suitable for them.

Fun Fact, the NBA is the only league to regularly host matches on Christmas Day. These matches, beginning in 1947, feature the majority of the most skillful squads and individual talent in the league. Often, the Christmas Day matches are the highest-rated games for the season.

Another exciting concept the NBA has come up with is the All-Star Game that takes place in February. America's votes make up the teams for this game, wherein the top vote-getters are designated captains. With so many fan favorites playing together, the audience is guaranteed to have a phenomenal time. 

Feel the Thrill of the Game

If you seek a truly electrifying experience, be part of the NBA crowd and cheer for your favorite team. With constant movement on the court, it's impossible to have a bland moment. From the jump ball to the buzzer-beater, the game is certain to keep you captivated to the final whistle. 

The NBA has presented us with a cornucopia of talent. The likes of Shaquille O'Neal, Kobe Bryant, Michael Jordan, Dwayne Wade, and so many more have passed the torch onto newer, skilled players as fans watch from all around the world. 

Why watch the matches on television when you can be part of the energy coursing through the court?

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