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Rock and pop have been the most popular genres over the previous decades. Often associated with youth revolt and aggression, the genre is well-known for its catchy melodies and high-energy performances. It provided an alternative from the typical calm classical music in the 80s and 90s.

Many rock and pop concerts have shaken up music venues over the years with their high intensity that gets the crowd pumped. Imagine thousands of fans jumping up and down as their favorite musicians sing their greatest hits.

Moreover, the lyrics have touched people emotionally amongst the glitz and glamour of being splendid music to have a dance-off. Furthermore, rock music continues to thrive even today, with singers like Beyoncé and Lady Gaga. Musical fans from all around the world listen and highly praise their music.

The Origins of Pop and Rock

Even though rock and pop music is a 20th-century musical phenomenon, the genre has been around for a long time. It began its journey in the late 1950s when listeners wanted an alternative to casual rock-and-roll.

The genre defined teenagers in those times, expressing angst in them. Elvis Presley's Heartbreak Hotel and Everly Brothers' Bye Bye Love burst are timeless hits from the genre.

The older generation criticized the music because of its over-sexual and anti-social lyrics. The music defined surviving a hard life and succeeding against the odds! But it didn't stop people from playing the music, and it continued to grow.

Visit the Biggest Rock and Pop Festivals Today

Packed festivals with fanatics that share the same love for the genre have also raised the popularity of pop and rock. Rock bands equipped with electric guitars, drums, and more will showcase their skills that boost the crowd's excitement.

Experience a rush of dopamine flowing through as your favorite musicians sing along with fans. Other crazy events are bound to happen as most festivals feature tons of world-renowned artists.

Some of the biggest rock music fests include Coachella and Summerfest. Music lovers across the globe come here to get a taste of the biggest festivals in the world.

Find Pop and Rock Concerts that Suit You Best! Don't prefer crowded festivals that accommodate over 50,000 people? Then there are plenty of other options for you to try out. Above that, there are tons of rock and pop concerts that feature local and globally famous artists.

Check out venues of different sizes and artists that might tour in the city. Don't miss out on these concerts by purchasing tickets above!

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