Albuquerque Concerts and Events Tickets | Schedule 2024/2025

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Albuquerque Concerts and Events

Albuquerque, abbreviated as ABQ, is renowned for its numerous concerts, street festivals, and parades regularly hosted throughout the year. Being the most populated city in New Mexico, it embraces various cultures in music, theatre, food, and artistic activities.

There are a plethora of emotionally uplifting Albuquerque concerts and events people can attend to have the time of their lives.

The Festival of Balloons

The most famous event is the annual balloon fiesta, which takes place for nine days every October. The audience gets to observe hundreds of unique hot air balloons floating in the bright blue sky, creating a spectacle straight out of a movie.

Additionally, there is live music, delicious food, creative arts and crafts to get you grooving in joy in a festive mood. The Balloon Fiesta garners audiences internationally and is one of the best for Albuquerque concerts and events.

If you’re in Albuquerque during October, book your tickets to the fiesta to not miss out on this special event!

A Vibrant Theatre Scene!

When someone thinks of top theater cities, they may think of New York, Chicago, or Los Angeles. But Albuquerque hosts the most theatre performances of any city in its size, with various plays for theatre enthusiasts to choose from.

From tear-inducing dramas to humorous plays, one can find various performances to keep themselves or their family and friends entertained through the night and day. There are some free-to-watch plays, but you can be generous and fund them by being an active visitor to help them create more plays.

Be on the lookout for shows and grab tickets to watch and support the budding theatre industry in Duke City.

Musical Concerts

Those looking for musical concerts can expect a variety of native American, country, rock, and classical music throughout different Albuquerque music venues.

For a delightful experience, Look out for concert events in venues like the Isleta Amphitheater to see your favorite artists perform in front of thousands.

Albuquerque is also home to ‘Globalquerque,’ a music festival held in the world-renowned Hispanic Cultural Festival every September. The annual festival hosts musicians from several cultures and continents to put on a show in front of 4,000 people. It’s critically acclaimed as ‘one of the country’s top world music festivals.’

Those who wish to witness the power of music with their own eyes and around lovely people should book their tickets to witness these mind-blowing festivals in Albuquerque before they run out!

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