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Circuses have been around for more than 250 years, rousing the uplifting and jolly feeling of excitement throughout. There is no one uninterested in the wonderous performances seen in circus shows.

From routines that include a variety of acrobatics and gymnastics, whether on the ground or aerial, to stunt acts and freak shows, there isn't a dull moment in a circus. Go ahead and treat yourself and your loved ones to a fabulous time.

Not convinced yet? Read on to learn more about circus shows and what they have to offer.

The Transformation of Circuses

Circuses originated in 1768 with the 'father of modern circus', Philip Astley. As a talented equestrian, he started performing exhibitions on trick horse riding. Later, he gathered acrobats, tightrope walkers, clowns, and jugglers to enhance his performances by filling the gaps in his demonstrations. His drive and unseen creativity prompted him to create a circus.

Over the next fifty years, the performances of circus shows developed significantly. Theatrics and battle enactments were added on large scales. 

In the 19th century, the traditional concept of a circus that we know and love was born. A mesmerizing display of an ocean of choreographed acts introduced by a ringmaster was the dominant format of a circus until the 1970s.

Since then, the concept of contemporary circus shows has popped up, a genre that involves a story or theme being conveyed through acrobatic skills showing supreme mastery of muscle memory.

Entertainment For The Young and Elderly

Circuses can evoke feelings of thorough enjoyment and fulfilling entertainment, whether you're planning a family outing or a bachelor's party. There are performances in the industry that cater to all ages. From entertaining acts for children like comedic juggling to the contemporary story-telling of modern circuses, you're bound to find a circus that fits your needs.

A younger audience will be enthralled by the hilarity of clowns and bold acrobats, oohing and aahing at every gesture. Children will love to see the 'big tops', traditional large tents used by circuses for touring. All in all, a new experience for kids that is sure to leave them flabbergasted.

On the other hand, adults can immerse themselves in the performances of a contemporary circus. With riveting storylines portrayed by talented entertainers, you're guaranteed an outstanding experience.

A Spectacle to Behold

Circus shows are indeed a novel experience no matter how many times you attend. The continuous stunts have you holding your breath at the exhibits, leaving you at the edge of your seats.

Circuses often perform dangerous feats, allowing you to feel the thrill second-hand. You'll be enraptured by every movement, purposeful and practiced to the bone.

When you aren't gritting your teeth from the tension, you'll be laughing boisterously at the antics of clowns and other performers. 

The entertainment never stops at a circus, so book your tickets now and enjoy yourself to the fullest!

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