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PGA Tour organizes professional golf tours played by male golfers in the US and North America. Almost all annual events and tournaments are handled by PGA Tour. 

For example, PGA Tour Canada, PGA Tour China, PGA Tour Latinoamérica (third-level professional golf), Korn Ferry Tour (pro golfers yet to qualify for PGA Tour), and PGA Tour Champions (pro players aged 50 and above) are organized by them.

However, the PGA Tour doesn’t deal with the four major golf championships- US Open, PGA Championship, The Open, and the Masters. It doesn’t run the Ryder Cup.  

Do note that PGA Tour is not the same as the PGA of America (Professional Golfers' Association of America), which is a co-organizer for the Ryder Cup Europe. To be more specific, the PGA tour is for PGA tour pros and tournament golf.

History of PGA Tour 

The PGA of America was formed in 1916, which holds the roots for the modern PGA Tour. With many golf tournaments offering prize money for the champions and organizing the games in different places, keeping a schedule and forming a tour became a way for players to participate in the games. 

During the decade between 1920 and 1930, PGA organized several tournaments, some of which became recognized as PGA Tour Wins.

Back then, the PGA Tour was fondly called The Circuit. It became a formal organization by 1929. Its job was to confirm and schedule year-round golf tournaments for professional players. 

Things progressed well until the 1960s. When the TV coverage was expanded, players wanted a larger share, and the association wanted the money to go into the fund. The dispute led to the creation of the PGA Tour (down the years). 

PGA of America and PGA Tour had another dispute over the name in 1981. PGA Tour was renamed TPA (Tournament Players Association) for a few months. Once the dispute was resolved, it went back to its original name, PGA Tour. 

The Importance of the PGA Tour 

Professional golfers who are a part of the PGA Tour earn more than just the prize money. They get points for winning matches and earn privileges that help them get qualified for the PGA Tour and retain their membership. The winner of the PGA Tour gets a tour card for a minimum of two years. An extra year is added to their tour card with every win. 

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