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Major League Baseball

Major League Baseball, or MLB, is the world's oldest major professional sports tournament, having been created in 1876. 

The league consists of 30 teams divided into the National League and the American League. The NL has all its 15 teams originating from the USA, while the AL has one team hailing from Canada and 14 from the USA.

Baseball's popularity grew in the 1920s, and even weathered the Great Depression and World War II downturns. It has now become the national sport of the USA.

A Rich History

During the Civil War in the 1860s, soldiers used to play New York-style baseball. This expanded into a game that was played nationwide, requiring a governing body. The National Association of Base Ball Players, or NABBP, was founded as an amateur league with over 400 clubs and operated for 12 years.

The Cincinnati Red Stockings, the first professional team, were founded in 1869. To deal with the consequences, the NABBP split into amateur and professional organizations. Thus, the National League was born in 1871. Later, in 1901, the American League was founded as a counterpart.

Before 1920, games weren't as exciting as they are now. There were rarely any home runs, and it was pronounced as the dead-ball era. This came to a complete halt with the New York Yankee's slugger, Babe Ruth, who hit 60 home runs in a single season in 1927 and a few years after made another record with 29 home runs.

Finally, in the 1940s, a baseball player named Jackie Robinson became part of the Brooklyn Dodgers as the first black man in professional baseball. He went on to win the inaugural MLB Rookie of the Year Award and made space for his fellow black baseball players.

Baseball continues to thrive and gain new supporters every season. Fans drive for hours to see their real-life favorite players and cheer them on.

Why Watch In Person?

With millions of ardent supporters from around the nation, the stadium fills up and resonates with the sound of cheers. You're assured goosebumps while you lift yourself to cheer for your favorite teams along with the myriad of other fans. You can never get this feeling sitting on your couch.

Even the drinks and food taste different at a stadium packed with unmatched energy. Moreover, the thrill of attending a live game never fades away, no matter how many you may attend. 

With players like Mike Trout, Mookie Betts, Juan Soto, Ronald Acuña Jr., and Gerrit Cole, why would you stay home and miss the chance to witness living legends make new records?

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