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Sports have undeniably always been part of human life.  From hunting for food to hunting for games, several historical daily activities have changed into global-level sporting events today. Running, wrestling, horse racing, archery, and boxing, to name a few.  And taking cue from these, some very popular sports have evolved during the nineteenth and twentieth century that attract a global audience when their league matches are played.

In the USA, there is a huge fan base for almost all the sporting events, be it EPL Soccer (English Premier League), MLB baseball, NHL hockey, NBA basketball, or Major League Soccer. If you are one of those sports enthusiasts looking to cheer up your favorite team in a league match, get your tickets now.

What is Sports?

Any physical activity or game that’s played for fun or competing with an individual or a group could be called sports. And those who are part of the sports are called sportsmen or sportswomen. To be able to fit for sports, the sportsman/player has to continually build up his abilities and remain physically fit and strong. And that’s the essence of sports.

History of Sports In the US

In the United States, football is by far the most popular sport, with supporters coming to both college and professional games. Second on the list is Baseball, which is the United States' oldest professional sport. Attending a baseball game in a stadium is a popular activity. But with the emergence of Basketball, people are more drawn to it. The NBA and NCAA leagues have a long history of attracting basketball fanatics with their fast-paced action. Hockey, soccer, golf, NASCAR, horse racing, and other major sports are also popular.

Popular Sports and Sporting Events in the US


The National Football League (NFL) is the uncontested ruler of American football leagues, with clubs like the Dallas Cowboys, Seattle Seahawks, and New York Giants among the most well-known. The Super Bowl is the second most-watched sports event in the world. The first one is the UEFA Champions League Final.


NCAA sports are very popular, especially college football and basketball events. Fans like watching and cheering for their local teams. Fans get crazy for games featuring teams like Michigan, UCLA, Ohio State, Oklahoma, etc. Since this league is full of the next big stars, excitement is always high for the NCAA.


The NBA is the most popular basketball league globally, and it's where the best players in the game compete. Several notable players in this league, including Lebron James, Kevin Durant, and more. Also, NBA teams like the Chicago Bulls, the Los Angeles Lakers, etc., always have a lot of fans.

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People who want to feel a rush of adrenaline and get into the spirit of sports should buy tickets to see their favorite team. You can easily book your favorite sports tickets on StateTheatreConcerts.

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There's no need to look anywhere else to buy your Sports tickets, whether that is for today, tonight, this weekend, or any other date in the future, can help you out. You can choose from many different outdoor and indoor Sports sport events to fit your needs, so there's something for everyone.

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If you are searching for Sports events at a specific venue or by a particular artist, you can use the filter at the top of this page.

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You can find tickets for any event you'd like to attend with View our full schedule of events for Sports. You can also search for specific months by selecting one of the filters: January, February, March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November or December.

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With, you won't need to wait at the box office to buy your tickets. It's our goal to make your ticket buying experience as effortless as possible. In most cases, tickets will be transferred to your mobile device instantly or downloaded instantly.

Upcoming Sports Schedule for 2022/2023

We offer the best seats for Sports sport events through A mobile-friendly seating chart makes it easy to find amazing seats. You will enjoy watching this Sports event even more if you know where you will be seated before purchasing your tickets.

How to Find Upcoming Sports Events Near Me?

Find events according to geography above. Click the "Change Location" button above the tickets listing. Enter a new location to find tickets in another area. With the filter function, you can find Sports events near you that meet your exact requirements. Have trouble finding the right seats? With us, finding the best date, time, and seat has never been easier. Tickets in your area are available for events at stadiums, arenas, and theatres.

Sports Venues Seating Chart

We let you quickly locate the best seats for your favorite Sports events. You can have access to a schedule of concerts, sporting events, theatre performances, and other special events related to your category on the dates that work best for you. makes it easy and secure for customers to buy event tickets. You can easily find the right seats and date for you with our simple search tool.

Where to Buy Last-Minute Sports Tickets?

Saving money might be the main reason you consider buying cheap Sports tickets at the last minute. This can sometimes be advantageous, but you may also lose out on an event that you wanted, since they may be sold out. In general, the cheapest tickets can be found three to seven days before a big event, if you hold off on purchasing them.

Although it is possible for Sports sport tickets to drop in price if you wait to buy them last-minute, it is not guaranteed. Tickets for important events you wish to see on should be purchased as soon as possible after you discover them. Tickets for popular events tend to sell out more quickly than you might expect.

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You will be able to look forward to an incredible Sports experience when you use All tickets are backed by our 100% guarantee. In the event of cancellation of an event, the tickets we sell are 100% guaranteed. Moreover, we guarantee that you will receive your tickets prior to the event as well as that they are valid.

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