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Family Ice Shows

Family ice shows make for an outstanding outing with your kids. With entertaining performances catered explicitly to them, children will be bewitched, eyes concentrated on the rink.

Don't get us wrong, people of all ages will enjoy the marvel. This is exactly what makes it the perfect destination for your entire family.

Charming Performances that Cater to All Ages

Ice shows may be skating exhibitions, showcasing gorgeous forms of skating with accompanying music, enrapturing the audience with the skater's elegant moves.

On the other hand, they may be musical or dramatic in nature, following a script to narrate an entertaining story for their audience. 

Don't confuse ice shows with skating competitions. The intentions of the two are completely different. While both usually portray a narrative, one aims to compete by showcasing complex skating techniques, while ice shows wish to entertain viewers and convey a message.

Family ice shows provide the perfect grounds for you to bond with your nearest ones, and who knows, maybe it'll inspire your children to learn skating for themselves!

Some Shows to Consider

Disney on Ice is a Disney initiative that produces ice shows geared toward child entertainment. These family ice shows are based on popular Disney films and characters, beloved by kids and parents alike.

Disney's mascot, Mickey Mouse, assisted by his friends Minnie Mouse, Goofy, and Donald Duck, host the show, starting off strong. The more recent segments feature the Disney princesses as well as popular films like Frozen, The Lion King, and Moana. 

Disney ice shows are something enjoyed by everyone, regardless of age, and just like the movies, they don't allow for a single dull moment.

Another popular family ice show is Holiday on Ice. Originating all the way back in December 1942, the performance was established as a family-oriented show by its founders. However, after ownership transitions, the shows now focus on a theatrical or musical aspect rather than the previous glamour. 

The show still provides the same enjoyment while attracting a new and younger audience. The music choice has changed from Broadway show scores to actual pop music and even rock, making the new generation relate better.

Their trademark element of the precision number with its famous spinning wheel, with skaters linking their arms with each other, is sure to leave the spectators enthralled.

Delicious Food and Drinks

No show is complete without mouth-watering food. Most venues will have a wide range of meal options for the audience. From salads to pizzas and burgers, you're sure to find something suitable for you and your children, no matter how picky.

Moreover, the chill a skating rink provides will keep you cool and comfortable, adding the liberty of you witnessing the spectacle in front of you.

Book your tickets for a memorable time of family bonding today!

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