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Hard Rock & Metal Music Concerts

Having a huge following worldwide, Hard Rock and Metal Music Concerts are some of the fastest concert tickets to sell out. Millions have fallen in love with this body of music, partly due to the release of popular movies in mainstream media. This includes Rock of Ages, Detroit Rock City, The Runaways, and many more.

Continue reading to find out why the number of metalheads and hard rock fans is steadily increasing. Furthermore, you'll realize why hard rock and metal concerts are some of the most highly anticipated shows around.

Rock On

The overall focus on the guitar is the defining point of hard rock. The sexy guitar riffs, heavy impact percussions, and strong choruses come together in this genre to create a powerful experience. Packed with hooks, melodies, and chords delivered highly energetic manner, these genres are designed to throw the audience in a progressive overdrive of emotions.

Making its way into the mainstream, hard rock has solidified itself (pun intended) in the music industry to hold the most popular and iconic stadium events. Familiar song themes generally include love, partying, and sex due to blues' strong influence on hard rock.

Characterized by huge crowds and fans ready to give their all to cheer on their favorite artists, the atmosphere of these concerts is charged with enthusiasm and a love for hard rock, making for a truly memorable setting.

Conquer The Stage

Exploding into mainstream popularity since the advent of "The Black Sabbath," the number of Metalheads has only grown till now.

Metal music utilizes jarring instruments that create its iconic sound. This keeps the electric guitar and mystical drumming in the spotlight. This music has a much heavier sound than hard rock with growling distorted vocals and sharp and chaotic percussions with heavy cymbals.

Additionally, the themes of metal songs cover a vast range of unorthodox topics—for example, politics, occult, mysticism, gore, violence, and evil. Intensity, aggression, and distortions are just some of the iconic qualities of a metal song.

Legendary artists such as Led Zeppelin, AC/DC, Guns N' Roses, The Who, Aerosmith, and Queen grace the hard rock scene while Metallica, Iron Maiden, Black Sabbath, and Judas Priest are some of the heavy hitters in metal.

Sharing many similarities as well as disparities, these brother genres have had their fair share of legendary concerts and showings all over the world. Whatever your preference may be, both hard rock and metal can provide an intensely beautiful day. Browse our extensive catalog of shows near you to book a ticket of your choice.

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Saving money might be the main reason you consider buying cheap Hard Rock / Metal tickets at the last minute. This can sometimes be advantageous, but you may also lose out on an event that you wanted, since they may be sold out. In general, the cheapest tickets can be found three to seven days before a big event, if you hold off on purchasing them.

Although it is possible for Hard Rock / Metal concert tickets to drop in price if you wait to buy them last-minute, it is not guaranteed. Tickets for important events you wish to see on StateTheatreConcerts.com should be purchased as soon as possible after you discover them. Tickets for popular events tend to sell out more quickly than you might expect.

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