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Techno and electronic dance music, commonly known as EDM, has boomed in popularity over recent years. There are massive EDM festivals held all over the world that attract thousands of fans.

Imagine an entire crowd of people waiting with excitement for the beat to drop. After that, you are experiencing some of the craziest jumps and shouts from fellow techno and electric music fans! You can feel the electric atmosphere by simply seeing clips of world-famous DJs showing off their crowd.

Those looking for thrill and high-energy shows to attend should be on the lookout for the next big EDM concert in their city or country.

The Origins of Techno and Electric Music

Techno and Electric Music began to pop up in Paris in the 80s during the end of the disco era. As there wasn't any popular music to dance to, DJs began to use old disco records and produced beats with drum machines.

The genre was completely underground for two decades. What's more, the main reason was that mainstream music was mainly played through vinyl records, not allowing sharing of unique genres. It's hard to pinpoint the very beginnings of EDM. Many still argue it originated in the United States but became popular in the UK.

The Meteoric Rise of the EDM Genre

The meteoric rise began simultaneously with the digital era. People began to share their favorite EDM hits through social media, apps, and music-sharing programs.

DJs like David Guetta began collaborating with mainstream artists like Black Eyed Peas creating hits like I Gotta Feeling. Other creative artists like Steve Aoki and Avicii turned it into one of the biggest genres of this decade!

Today, there are EDM artists like Martin Garrix delivering music that regularly hit the Top 10 charts. But music isn't everything techno and electric concerts have on offer. The numerous food and drink stalls, lip-smacking dishes, buzzing crowd, and free-flowing alcohol will take you to cloud nine before the second drop hits the floor!

Home to the Biggest Festivals in the World

To say that EDM features some massive festivals throughout the year is an understatement. Few genres can brag about selling out festivals with over 150,000 attendees. Not only that, some concerts like Tomorrow World sell out within minutes.

Top artists like Alan Walker also tour the country to play techno and electronic music in front of their wildest fans. Attending these festivals is a wondrous experience that many fondly remember throughout their life.

Get to witness some of the biggest techno and electronic music concerts by booking tickets above.

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Saving money might be the main reason you consider buying cheap Techno / Electronic tickets at the last minute. This can sometimes be advantageous, but you may also lose out on an event that you wanted, since they may be sold out. In general, the cheapest tickets can be found three to seven days before a big event, if you hold off on purchasing them.

Although it is possible for Techno / Electronic concert tickets to drop in price if you wait to buy them last-minute, it is not guaranteed. Tickets for important events you wish to see on should be purchased as soon as possible after you discover them. Tickets for popular events tend to sell out more quickly than you might expect.

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