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West End Shows in the UK sits at the apex of the theater industry along with its Western sibling, The Broadway theater in the USA. Dotted with prestigious boutique shops, Michelin star restaurants, and of course, busy pubs and bars, there is a lot to explore besides the theater productions.

An attractive spot for tourists and theater lovers alike, keep reading to find out the specialties of this destination.

The Fiery Ancestry

"Theatre Royal, Drury Lane." the year 1663 marked the construction of the first theatre hall in the West End. Like a phoenix, it rose from its ashes despite being destroyed by fires over and over again.

The fire of creativity and arts kept burning strong in its successors. Enduring the harsh social environments for centuries, West End slowly became the metropolitan for theatrical arts in Europe, attracting talented performers worldwide.

Not Too Hard On The Pockets

Since its inception, the theater was a luxury only afforded to the nobility and the aristocrats. Their generous funding was instrumental towards keeping this art form alive.

Fortunately, things are much more different now with a diverse variety of venues, shows, and seating arrangements, allowing for flexible and cheap budgeting.

Due to its generous accessibility and exceptional standard for entertainment, West End pulls a staggering 12million people annually with a steadily rising headcount every year.

Popular Venues and Shows

Despite having an ever-changing repertoire of shows available every year in West End, some manage to capture the audience's hearts and gain immense success consistently every year.

Two such staples include Les Misérables, displayed in every West End show for 20 years running, and "Macbeth" from William Shakespeare.

Besides the evergreen classics, the current mainstream adaptations include Lord of the rings, The Lion King, Mary Poppins, and many more. In terms of venues, Theatre Royal (Drury Lane), London Palladium, Vaudeville Theatre, Lyric Theater, Trafalgar Studios, and Apollo Theatre are some of the crowd favorites.

Planning is Key

It is beneficial to buy tickets in advance and create a tour plan for London for people looking to delve into the depths of West End and its seemingly endless offerings.

Tickets sell out fast, so even if you are a UK resident, booking tickets at least a few months in advance is essential to secure seats in West End Shows.

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