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World music is one of the broadest musical genres in the industry. To put into perspective, there are around 195 countries, each with distinctive traditions and music. It's an excellent genre to listen to for those that love something diverse and unusual.

North American and European musicians take direct inspiration from non-western music beats. However, they have exploded in popularity only over the recent years.

Today, there is a wide variety of world music concerts that attract fans across the globe. The main reason for this phenomenon is social media, which has bridged the gap in geographical differences.

The Boom of K-Pop

K-pop has exploded in popularity over the past few years. The idol-based music has generated die-hard fans of the genre. For example, K-pop bands like GOT7 and Blackpink tour hold incredibly joyous concerts around various music venues in the country.

For instance, the well-renowned K-pop group, BTS, had around 100,000 fans singing their music in the MetLife Stadium and Rose Bowl. There are various exciting shows in the future that K-pop fans can't wait to witness.

Moreover, beautifully choreographed dances and buzzing pop music will leave many star-struck. Experience immense hype as these worldwide stars perform on stage in front of thousands by going to these concerts yourself!

Get Immersed in Swedish Techno

Sweden features a ton of DJs that have gotten the crowd dancing till dawn, and that too for decades. Their music is played in a series of clubs and parties all around the world. Swedish Techno differs from typical EDM, as it is loop-based and focuses on compressed beats.

Some of the best Swedish Techno artists often feature in Techno festivals in the country. For instance, in EDC, attendees can tune in to Swedish Techno live while having drinks to make up for a perfect night.

Witness the Best of World Music Today!

There is so much variety in world music that you're sure to find something which resonates with your senses. For instance, Zimbabwe guitar concerts will get you in an upbeat mood to dance in folk styles and sing along.

Those that love vocally talented artists should listen to Qawwali Pakistani Sufi singers that mesmerize people with their singing. Above all, there is still a plethora of fascinating world music produced every single day.

To learn more about the upcoming world music concerts in your area, check out the list above. You can also purchase tickets to the events you want to attend.

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