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Birmingham Concerts and Events

Birmingham is renowned as Alabama's cultural and entertainment capital. It features dozens of theaters, exhibition halls, sports and concert arenas. Citizens of the magic city never run out of events to take part in. Multi-day festivals, clubs, and venues keep running throughout the year.

There are various Birmingham concerts and events throughout the hustling city for those looking to get involved!

The Underappreciated Music Scene

Birmingham has a long and prestigious music history. But, odds are, you may have only heard a few artists from the city. This is because the singers in Alabama rarely have a platform to be heard by others.

Birmingham didn't have a radio station until recently, which was the break some musicians desperately needed. Over the recent years, Birmingham has begun festivals featuring a vast amount of original local and international music.

Birmingham concerts and events are back in business and ready to make their mark on the industry. All this despite the abrupt pause COVID brought about.

Browse through to find concerts of your favorite genres. Rest assured, you'll discover hidden gems to diversify your playlist with new music!

A Wild Number of Festivals!

The citizens of Birmingham love to show their music, films, and heritage. They do this through their spectrum of cultural festivals. What's best, people from all over the world are welcomed with open arms.

The fests consist but are not limited to the theme of jazz, food, and even Greek culture. There are thousands of festivals every year for visitors to choose from. Some are widely renowned in their own right. People can bring their friends and family to these events for an action-packed day. Remember, you'll be treated with full of intriguing performances and delicious delicacies.

Grab your tickets to these festivals today to experience them with your own eyes!

Graceful Ballet and Orchestra

Those unfamiliar with Birmingham often undervalue the strides the city has been making in ballet and orchestra.

The Alabama Ballet in the magic city has received national prominence. It is one of the eight ballet companies allowed to perform the gracious Balanchine's Nutcracker. Those who want to experience supple and fluid performances should attend one of the many ballet shows in Birmingham.

Others who prefer listening to carefully curated music that soothes the soul should check out various orchestra centers in the city. Grab tickets to the orchestra show and other Birmingham concerts and events above!

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