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Boise Concerts and Events

Boise, the capital of Idaho, is a cultural center and home to many small businesses and venues. The streets feature several niche art collections capturing the beauty, stories, and identity behind the city of trees.

Are you confused about what to pick for the night? Read below to explore your options! Observers will also notice various posters for Boise concerts and events like dramas, movies, and stand-up comedy to attend.

A Tight-Knit Music Scene

The mainstream musical acts tend to skip over Boise in favor of larger cities in the surrounding states. However, it might be a crucial mistake for them as music venues of all sizes are sold out within a day.

Many fans of music in Boise have an eclectic mix of tastes in jazz, hip-hop, folk, funk, and other genres. That is why music venues like The Knitting Factory, The Shredder, or The Olympic share a catchy vibe, gravitating artists towards making more shows that share that aesthetic value.

The Boise music scene is so closely knit and supportive mainly because many members of the local bands and independent musicians work at the same companies, bars, and more areas.

However, international artists still perform in music venues at Boise every once in a while. To not miss out, grab tickets to support your favorite local and worldwide artists before their events sell out!

Theater and Performing Arts

Theatrical enthusiasts worldwide find Boise taking the central stage with its broadway shows and other performing arts. The combinations of musical wonders, gripping storylines, and highly experienced performers attract large audiences throughout the year.

Even today, there’s a vast list of upcoming shows in theatrical venues expressing social dilemmas revolving around social issues like caste and creed clashes or economic differences. Simply put, the singing, dancing, and acting will leave audiences tongue-tied.

Those curious about musicals and plays won’t regret booking a ticket to witness the action before their own eyes.

A Platform for Stand-Up Comedy

For those who prefer a hearty laugh, Boise is the destination to visit! The Treasure Valley is a platform for international comedians that are highly interactive and laughably engage with their audience.

Catch bold and energetic personalities talk about daily life with hilarious twists, and it’ll be well worth splurging the time and money.

Get your tickets to stand-up comedy and other Boise concerts and events above before it’s too late!

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Theatre Tickets in Boise

Would you like an experience that includes dinner and a show? A variety of indoor and outdoor performances are available in Boise, including comedy acts, live theater performances, musicals, and sporting events. has Boise, ID Theatre Tickets for Boise shows.

Tickets for Boise Concerts is the ideal place to find Boise Concert Tickets, so no matter whether it is tomorrow, this month, this weekend, today, or some other date in the future, you'll be able to find them here. We offer concert tickets for both indoor and outdoor events in Boise, ID. In this area you may find live music spanning various genres such as alternative music, classic rock, western music, Latin music, metal music, R&B, jazz, and oldies.

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Whatever you're looking for, can help you find it. You can buy tickets for basketball, baseball, hockey, soccer, and more. Year-round activities are possible throughout all four seasons and twelve months: January, February, March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November and it's even possible in December. The tickets you need for every sporting event in Boise can be found here.

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In addition to the types of events listed above, Boise, ID also hosts adults', circus or circus-related events, fairs, seminars, lectures, shows, museums, religious programs, and taped programs. You can now purchase tickets for upcoming events taking place in Boise online at

Upcoming Boise Events for 2022/2023

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