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Denver Concerts and Events

Denver in Colorado is a metropolitan area citizens are proud to be a part of. Large-scale events radiating intricate setups and personalities occur every month that attract thousands of people around the United States to visit this city. Expect to be a part of an atmosphere that oozes surprises.

The warm climate makes it a must-visit throughout the year. Above this, tourists will have plenty of places to explore and learn more about Mile High City.

Make the trip and educate yourself on enthusiastic sports and music fans that elevate the experience of any event in the city.

Read more to find out about Denver Concerts and events you most definitely should visit when you're there!

Catch the Biggest Events at the Ball Arena

The Ball Arena is Denver's largest multi-use music venue and arena. The venue is a common spot for games exhibiting Denver sports teams like the Nuggets and Avalanches.

The indoor stadium is quite a spectacle, with flashy spotlights and a crazy crowd. It's also home to the city's biggest concerts and music events, which includes renowned artists like Jay-Z.

With a capacity of over 20,000, visitors all around the globe come to visit the Ball Arena. Don't miss out on the greatest events in Ball Arena by purchasing tickets before they are sold out!

Witness Glorious Music at The Ellie Caulkins Opera House

Those that prefer the calmer side of music should visit the Ellie Caulkins Opera House. The acoustical hall is only one of the three opera houses in the United States.

Witness carefully curated music along with 2,000 people in sheer silence. Be warned! The well-trained orchestra will leave many in awe with their instruments and coordination.

The venue enhances the experience to the extent that it can't be defined in a recorded video. There are also comedic shows, ballet performances, and more musicals to attend here.

Get tickets to these events at the Ellie Caulkins Opera House above.

More Theatres to Visit!

Theatre enthusiasts have plenty of options to choose from to pick theatres to watch their favorite plays. Above all, there are large theatres that occupy thousands, sharing the same passion for performing arts.

Venues like the Bellco Theatre also hold concerts, lectures, and other performances. Those that like to view the actors up close can visit other smaller theaters!

For example, the Bluebird Theater is a fantastic spot to witness plays and musical acts, and concerts upfront. Fret not since Denver is an entertainment spot that has something for everyone.

Search for theaters and book tickets to Denver concerts and events above!

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