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Houston Concerts And Events

Many tourists flock to Houston due to its buzzing food scene owing to its diverse culture. With over ten thousand restaurants, there's food to be tasted from all corners of the world. Additionally, it is nicknamed the "space city" due to the location of the Johnson Space Centre, which is also a significant tourist attraction.

There's a vast array of activities to keep tourists busy during their stay in Houston. Experience the delectable flavors of the world or visit the museum district and discover Houston's various cultures.

With a plethora of annual festivals and art exhibitions on the city calendar, there is something for everyone in Bayou City. Keep reading to know more about various Houston concerts and events.

Theatre District

While Houston is known as the world's live music capital, it is recognized as the mecca of performing and visual arts. There are over a hundred institutions in Houston dedicated to expressing various art forms.

What's more, Houston is one of the few cities in the States that can host internationally acclaimed ballets, major symphonies, opera, and theatre acts. Head Downtown to the Theatre District to be a part of the action. You will surely find an event that piques your interest. Venues like the Alley Theatre, Jones Hall, the Wortham Center, and the Hobby Center are great options.

The Theatre District routinely hosts a variety of the world's best dance, musical, and theatrical talent. It thus adds to the energetic core of Houston's cultural riches. You can support your favorite ballet or orchestra in Houston by purchasing the tickets below.

Houston International Jazz Festival

Jazz fans are in for a treat if they happen to be in Houston in September. This is a festival that you simply cannot miss. The Houston Jazz Festival takes place in various venues across the city and honors age-old musical genres. Consequently, the proceeds from the event are used to run the Jazz Education Inc.

This annual event features over a dozen performing artists and is bound to be a grand experience for any music lover. What's more, a variety of talented artists playing everything from blues to the soul will have you at the brink of your seats.

Apart from the various concerts, you could also sign up to be a part of multiple workshops held during the festival. Stay updated with various Houston concerts and events by checking the event calendar on the website! 

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