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Spokane Concerts and Events

Surrounded by rivers and lakes, Spokane attracts visitors with its natural beauty and wildly seductive nature. Tourists can explore the terrains of the city on foot, bike, skies, or even a kayak. Moreover, there are plenty of outdoor activities for you to do to feel the thrill in the wildlands. Some interesting adventures to try out are camping, wild-water rafting, or lake activities.

There are several parks and museums to visit, learn about, and relish the fabulous culture of Spokane. Have the best time in the arms of Mother Nature here, as there are plenty of natural wonders to traverse.

Additionally, find a developing restaurant and bar scene to down drinks and have mouth-watering dishes with your friends and family. The Lilac City always has something interesting going on, with annual events and a thriving arts community.

Keep reading to find out Spokane concerts and events that'll leave people exhilarated.

First Interstate Center for The Arts

The Interstate Center for the Arts hosts Broadway shows, cultural events, and concerts for classical fans to thaw their eyes at. Previously known as the INB Performing Arts Center, the sophisticated venue holds around 2,000 people at once.

Experience the best symphony concerts, ballet, and opera that'll take you back in time with their elegant music. Those that prefer a crazier environment can attend rock concerts on display here.

The music venues in and around also hold some of the biggest concerts in the city. Visitors should keep an eye out for upcoming shows in First Interstate Center for The Arts!

Observe the Biggest Events in The City!

The city of Spokane has numerous great festivals for bystanders to take part in. In addition, there are innumerable sports events for those who love challenges in competitions. They range from Bloomsday, the biggest foot race in the United States, to Hoopfest, the country's largest 3x3 basketball tournament.

Those that enjoy creativity will have a memorable time at the Arts Fest. The premier arts festival attracts hundreds of creative artists around the world. Visitors can find handcrafted wonders made of ceramic, glass, wood, and fine art to take as a perfect souvenir that suits their homes.

Also, go to the Lilac Festival to witness the blooming of the city's beloved flowers. Tourists in the city will get to view scenery that feels like it's ripped straight out of a movie. After witnessing the budding lilacs, fill your stomach with varying delectable cuisines the festivals have on offer.

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