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Tampa Concerts and Events

Tampa is a place that Death Metal fans would call the "capital of Death Metal." If Tampa were a musical piece, it would be a symphony of blazing electric guitars and a thunderous beat of drums. Its lyrics would be sunny and country, with a harmonious backdrop of castanets and bongo drums (it is Florida, after all).

Furthermore, Tampa has immensely contributed to the music that Florida represents today. Jazz, pop, country, blues, and similar genres that the state of Florida is famous for are pretty much due to the artists that started from Tampa.

Conventional Bands Performing in Tampa

Iced Earth and Kamelot, bands that shook the world with their powerful music composition, started their journey from Tampa.

Punk Rock, which dominated the 90s era and inspired emo fashion at the time, had started from Tampa. Original punk bands like The Straight Jackets, The Shades, The Jackers, and many more revolutionized the entire music scene of the state. So much so that the music is still religiously reminisced in numerous cafes and inns of the city.

Gov't Mule, Keller Williams' Grateful Gospel, The Motet, Mondo Cozmo, Cedric Burnside, The Bright Light Social Hour, Vella, and Bears & Lions were some bands that jammed along with the throbbing crowd of Tampa.

Recording Hubs

Moving on, Tampa is also the hub of major recording studios in the world. One such example is the Morrisound Recording (or simply, Morrisound Studio). In fact, Morrisound is responsible for the popularization of Death Metal in the US.

Some of the record-breaking bands that developed their music here were Steve Morse, Sepultura, Savatage, Morbid Angel, and many more.

Then there are studios like Charles Fuller Studio and The Tropics that have made a political appearance through their contribution towards national acts!

Festivals and other Musical Leads

Another major music scene in Tampa is the grand Gasparilla Music Festival. This year marks the 10th anniversary of GMF, and last year there were 35 leading bands making their appearance in 4 stages across the waterfront of Tampa.

However, you could as well stumble upon a trio of accordionists, a ska band, or an acoustic player on any typical day in this city of Tampa. Moreover, there are often musical rendezvous that the city reserves for its guests and visitors who happen to miss out on the significant events!

Tampa For You!

Apart from concerts and events here, the city of Tampa always has so much to offer to its guests. Explore, experience, and evolve through the unique blend of a cultural medley that this city embodies!

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