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NCAA Basketball Info

NCAA Basketball 

NCAA, or the National Collegiate Athletic Association, is a nonprofit sports organization made up of more than eleven hundred schools divided into three divisions. The NCAA teams play twenty-four sports, ranging from baseball to basketball, tennis, wrestling, water polo, and much more. 

NCAA was founded in 1906, with its headquarters in Indianapolis. There are currently 358 men’s basketball teams and 349 women’s basketball teams in Division I of the NCAA.  The teams/ schools from Division I get athletic sponsorships and participate in various sports events in the country.

NCAA March Madness 

This is a Division I Men’s Basketball Tournament played every year in the US. Sixty-eight college basketball teams compete in this single-elimination tournament to become national champions. The Division I Women’s Basketball Tournament has sixty-four teams. 

The National Association of Basketball Coaches (NABC) held its first tournament in 1939. Because the matches are usually held in March, the tournament soon came to be known as March Madness. These matches are intense, and the competition is fierce, which makes the tournament very popular throughout the country. People like to predict the matches’ outcomes and bet on them. 

The tournament has teams from NCAA Division I and the at-large teams selected by the NCAA Selection Committee. Thirty-two teams from Division I are automatically shortlisted based on their previous performances. The remaining thirty-six teams are selected by the committee to take part in this prestigious tournament. 

NCAA March Madness has become so popular that the games are being aired on television. TV broadcasting began in 1969 when only the crucial games were aired. However, since 2011, all basketball games have been aired on television. Furthermore, more people are visiting the venues to watch the action live.

Venues and Matches

The games are hosted in various venues across the US. NCAA has changed the eligibility criteria for venues during the last few years. The changes resulted in reducing the number of stadiums to host the Final Fours to eleven. 

The March Madness tournament features seven rounds:  

  • The First Four
  • The First Round 
  • The Second Round
  • The Regional Semi-finals (16 teams)
  • The Regional Finals (8 teams)
  • The National Semi-finals (4 teams)
  • The National Championship

Check out the match dates in your region and grab tickets from our website. Fans and non-fans of basketball should watch the matches in the venues to experience the thrill of the games.  

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