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NCAA Football 

NCAA or National Collegiate Athletic Association is a nonprofit sports organization in the US. The association has more than eleven hundred schools categorized into three divisions based on winning percentage and experience. 

NCAA football has teams from American colleges, universities, military academies, and Canadian universities. College football is the second tier of the national football league in the US and Canada. NCAA football has more popularity and attendance than national football in some regions. 

The concept of NCAA football is pretty simple. Players who perform their best at the college level have a higher chance of being offered to enter the professional/ national football league and play for the country. 

NCAA currently has a hundred and thirty-one football teams in Division I Football Bowl Subdivision (FBS). Remember that teams in FBS are different from teams in FCS (Division I Football Championship Subdivision). FBS is one step higher than FCS and offers full scholarships to eighty-five students. 

History and Formation of NCAA Football 

American football was popular in college during the 19th and 20th centuries. Many students got attracted to the game for its intensity. This led to greater rivalry between college teams, players, and supporters. College football was so violent that 330 players in 15 years (1895 to 1905) died after sustaining direct injuries on the field. 

Nineteen of those deaths happened in 1905. Then-President Theodore Roosevelt is said to have issued strict orders to change the game rules. He spoke about the need to reduce the risk of injuries in players in his meeting with Harvard, Yale, and Princeton representatives. He held another meeting in 1906 with thirteen school leaders. 

IAAUS (Intercollegiate Athletic Association of the United States) was formed in the same year to frame strict rules for college games and provide them better opportunities to hone their talents. IAAUS was renamed NACC in 1910, though the purpose remains the same. 

Regional Sport Went National 

American football grew from being a regional sport to a national one from the 1930s to 1958. In fact, the game became popular around 1915 and rose steadily as college teams earned fame for their rivalry. 

Many players were enlisted to join WWII. Some of them came back to win national titles for the country. American football hasn’t looked back since. 

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