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Football (American)

Can there be a more confusing game than football? It’s called soccer in the US and football in other parts of the world. What’s more, America has its own version of football called American football, which is called gridiron in Canada.

American Football (or simply football) is a combination of soccer and rugby. It is an energetic and intense game with loads of action and aggression. It’s no surprise that football is the most popular sport in the US. There are hundreds of football teams in the country, ranging from the top professional teams to the high school ones.

History and Beginning of American Football

The first American football match was recorded on 6th November 1869. It was played by The Rutgers Scarlet Knights from Rutgers University and The Princeton Tigers from Princeton University. There were twenty-five players per team in this match. The Rutgers team won 6-4.

Football matches continued in other colleges and universities during the next few years. However, the rules were different for each game and set by the colleges. A change of rule in 1882 to limit the team to three downs made American football different from rugby.

More changes were made over the years to minimize the risk of injuries during the games. American football still continues to be an aggressive game.

Leagues in American Football

The NFL (National Football League) was established in 1920, and many more were founded in the coming years.

  • AFL

AFL (American Football League) was founded as a contender to NFL (National Football League). It operated from 1960 to 1970 before merging with the NFL.

  • UFL

UFL (United Football League) operated from 2009 to 2012 and is a minor professional football league in the US.

  • CFL

CFL (Canadian Football League) is the only major professional football league with teams from America and Canada. CFL loyalties lie with Canada.

  • NCAA

NCAA (National Collegiate Athletic Association) or College Football is a league of teams from colleges and universities in the US and Canada. The best players from this league can get into the NFL.

The leagues play various championships where the teams compete with each other to win the final title. Though the matches are broadcasted on the television, nothing beats the thrill of attending them in person.

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