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The history of American racing starts with the American-European rivalry, characterizing early automobile racing, and advances to unique racing forms. However, sophisticated engineering and big budgets dominated some racing forms. On the contrary, other forms appealed to people with little engineering education and modest means.

What’s on the business side? Racing represented the development of consumerism and marketing. It even paved the way for the sponsored pro racing team. But, fascinatingly, every kind of competition portrayed different engineering ingenuity.

Throwback to the First Auto Race in America

The first automobile race Americans witnessed was a round trip city-to-city race. Several fearless motorists showed up their guts to race to Evanston from Chicago and then back. The race was won by a Duryea motor. A water-cooled 4Hp, 2-cylinder motor powered the vehicle. Moreover, its maximum speed was 20mph but averaged just 7.5 mph during the race.

The open-road racing wasn’t as popular as oval tracks in the US. The fact is that oval tracks appealed to large crowds who paid to watch every action from a safer distance.

Origin of Boat Racing

On 10th June 1829, the first boating race was held at Henley on the Thames. Oxford won the race, and the River & Rowing Museum of Henley still preserves the winning boat. People have been involved in various boating races and other water-based crafts over the years.

The Racing Rules

Each racing category (Auto, Boat, Horse, Motorcycle, NASCAR, Truck) is regulated by its own design rules with a unique competitive goal. American racing executes following these rules. However, the rules are continually changing, sometimes for economic reasons and sometimes for technical causes. Interestingly, you can trace the history and diversity of American history through the changing rules.

Some governing bodies decreed some rules, while international or national governing bodies ordained others. However, the authority to change or set rules belongs to those who invested the most money to support the competitions or own the tracks.

Why do People Love Racing?

Racing is today recognized as a top-class single-seated automobile racing. Over the years, it has amassed international coverage and acclamation. It’s a famous sport to spectate and participate in while they are comparatively easy to follow. Most enthusiasts are keen to spend money to become a part of the racing by attending the events in person instead of cherishing from the comfort of their homes.

Racing is thrilling! There is ideally no other event that is entertaining than racing. Are you excited to be a part of your favorite racing? Book your tickets now by browsing our website.

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