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Association football, popularly referred to as Soccer or football, is the world's most revered and popular sport, watched and supported by billions of spectators and participants worldwide.

The FIFA, or the Federation Internationale de Football Association, is the international governing body of this popular game that arranges World Cups for both women and men every four years.

According to FIFA, more than 1.3 billion people and nearly 250 million soccer players consider themselves very interested in this game by the 21st century. Unlike any other sport, soccer has the highest number of top players. 

In soccer, two teams consisting of 11 players compete on a rectangular field known as a pitch/field and a goal at both ends. The only objective is to score goals by shooting the ball at the opponent’s goal as much as possible with the soccer ball within 90 minutes.  

The Diversity of Competition

Besides having excellent teams across the world, what makes soccer worth playing and watching? 

The first unique thing worth noting is the style of play. The most popular teams have their own playing styles. For instance, Real Madrid represents athletic and fast wingers and forward. Thus, they play counter-attacking soccer.

On the contrary, the  Barcelona team has a high degree of close control characteristics; thus, they play possession-based, passing soccer. 

The Ever First International Soccer Match 

The West of Scotland Cricket ground in Glasgow was surrounded by nearly 4,000 spectators on 30th November 1872. All eyes were on players of England and Scotland, each ready to chalk up the highest goal. 

However, this first international soccer match ended in a 0-0 draw. 

The Versatility

The various soccer tournaments held worldwide delight the hearts of the game's fans all over the year. The list includes the European Championship (UEFA), African Cup of Nations (CAF), The Copa America (CONMEBOL), The Asian Cup (AFC), The OFC Nations Cup (OFC), and The CONCACAF Gold Cup. 

Fans with giant cartoons with a lot of passion and energy plump themselves in the stadium. The same kind of energy and enthusiasm is seen among spectators at home across the world. The urge and yearning to compete and win displayed by the players and expressed by the fans hold up the spirit of this game. 

So stay tuned for the matches on the line – the FIFA Club World Cup and UEFA Champions League Final. Get the tickets to the game and dress yourself up in a tee-shirt, your favorite leggings, and pair it with a pair of sneakers. You will be comfortable while watching the game. 

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