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Wrestling is one of the most exciting hand-to-hand combat sports, involving body contact and grappling techniques. It has now emerged as the most entertaining sport with millions of fans globally.

It takes a great degree of preparation, almost a lifetime, for a wrestler to prepare his body to enter professional wrestling. It also has a psychological impact on the wrestler as the sport is a constant battle or trying to follow all the rules of wrestling as well as restrain the more aggressive moves that come naturally while one is engaged in hand-to-hand combat.

Wrestling - An Age-Old Sport

Professional wrestling involves certain techniques like joint locks, takedowns, clinch fighting, grappling holds, and pins. There are several types of wrestling as well, like freestyle, sumo, sambo, pehlwani, Greco-Roman, and more.

Pro wrestling is mostly scripted matches, which are presented to the audience as authentic, and yet it is so real that spectators are left in awe of the various maneuvers that are involved in a pro wrestling match.

Wrestling first originated as a professional sport in the 19th century and, as of 2020, had already developed into a multi-billion dollar entertainment industry. The WWE Wrestling Championship is the most famous of all.

A Game of Unique Techniques

There are various ways in which a wrestler can score points during a match. A wrestler can do so by pinning the opponent down by the shoulders, in which case the latter has to band the mattress three times if they are unable to release themselves.

A wrestler can also score points by forcing the opponent into submission, from which he or she is unable to get out, by performing a leg lock or an arm lock. A wrestler might also win by technical knockout in case the opponent has passed out.

On the other hand, a wrestler can also be disqualified - and thus end up losing the match when they perform illegal holds, cause deliberate injury, allow an outsider to attack the opponent in the ring, strike a low blow, or hit with a foreign object.

If you have never witnessed a wrestling match in person before, then you have missed out on something truly exciting. No amount of televised matches can give you an idea of the frenzied craze among the fans when their favorite pins their opponent to the ground and wins a point.

Seeing the wrestlers up close will instill respect for them as they perform their techniques.

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