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Hockey is one of the most popular outdoor sports globally that's usually played between two teams. Given the wide variety of this gameplay, it's one of the most viewed games.

A flexible game known for its capacity to instill devotion, collaboration, and sportsmanship spirit in individuals is what makes this game a people's favorite. So, let's acquire some additional information for this game.


There is evidence of games being played with curved sticks and balls in Egyptian times. Moreover, 4,000-years-old carvings in Ireland include a game with sticks and balls. According to legend, this game was known as Kerstein in ancient Greece since it was played with horns similar to sticks or horns. Isn't it thrilling to find some pretty ancient proof regarding the existence of this game?

Only by the end of the nineteenth century had several varieties of this game begun to diverge, and ultimately the game that we know today came into being. As hockey grew in popularity, organizations were created to develop the game's laws and regulations.

The first organized hockey organization was created in the United Kingdom in 1876. The first men's hockey tournament was conducted in 1908 in London, while women's hockey made its first appearance in the Olympics in 1980 in Moscow.

Paul Léautey formed the Fédération Internationale de Hockey sur Gazon (FIH) in response to hockey's absence from the Paris Olympic Games. The International Federation of Women's Hockey Associations (IFWHA) also marked its existence back in 1927.

Hockey has several forms, including ice hockey, field hockey, etc. However, when we speak of hockey in general, we mean field hockey.

Hockey is essentially an outdoor sport played by two teams, and each side has 11 players who utilize the striking end of the stick to knock a ball into the opposing goal. This game is usually divided into two halves with each half lasting for 35 minutes. There is a 5-to 10-minute pause between halves, although a time-out is accessible in case of injury or emergency.

Hockey is played not just on an international level, but many nations have organizations that host national-level hockey matches. The game is so captivating that the audience finds it impossible to leave their seats, even for a second.

Don't miss the opportunityto see the thrilling hockey action live soon.

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